AGUCUK BABY provides customers with the quality service of products for 0 – 12 month infants with various model and color options. The products put on the market with the AGUCUK BABY trademark are: snapsuits / bodysuits, layettes (2-3-5 pieces); different types of blanket, changing mat, towel and kinds; baby comforter, handkerchiefs, jumpsuits, urgent baby-care sets (5 pieces) and vests. All products are made of % 100 cotton.


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We are seeking business partners who will assist us in penetrating into local and neighbor markets. We lean toward starting business partnership such as dealership and distributorship. All kind of related suggestions are welcomed. We are eager to take information on local markets from our future business partners. We are ready to visit you in your own business environment; and also we are ready to welcome you to visit our manufacturing facility which is located in Bursa.


Please fill out the B2B form and contact wholesale salesperson for commercial collaboration and sample request.

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If you are willing to cooperate with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note brief information on your company and local market would be very useful. We will contact you as soon as possible.
If you want to have corporate information in detail about the AGUCUK BABY, please, download the enclosed files.
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500 Sales Points in 81 Cities in Turkey

10 Export Countries (Asia, Europe, Africa, America)

7500 Sets Production Per Day

Delivery & Shipping Time

Customer Oriented Packaging

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The base of the service we provide consists of the perception of developing trust to the company for the clients, and developing trust to the brand-name to the customers. Hence, our company adopted the service principle that we support our customers who are taken as partners till offering our products to the end-user customers. principles adopted by our company in this direction are as follows;
  1. Visiting our customers regularly in their places in certain periods.
  2. Measurements of our client’ demands, needs, and satisfaction levels
  3. Delivering the orders on-time.
  4. Customer-oriented packing.
  5. Quality labeling
  6. Informing customers about new products promptly
  7. Delivering new products samples to constant customers