The base of AGUCUK BABY COMPANY’s marketing strategies is being customer-oriented.  The marketing motto of AGUCUK BABY is “Our customers are shareholders of our company”. Thus, growing with our customers is accepted as our basic principle for running our company. Accordingly, our basic marketing principle is constructed on providing right merchandise, in the right market, to the right customer, through right sales channels, in the right time, with the most competitive prices. In-time, quality, and smooth delivery is adopted as one of our principles.

Our company aims to increase the rate of international markets in our total sales. Hence, it pays special attention and importance to branding activities and invests in the brand name of AGUCUK BABY.

We are aware of the difficulties of getting into foreign markets as a midsize company. Therefore, in order to be successful in marketing, we have decided to invest in all kinds of innovative technologies and to develop operational activity. Thus and so, we have always managed to keep in direct touch with our customers. Our customers can always reach us directly for anything.